The study of the history of the Republic of China in Nanjing University started in 1974, and was one of the earliest academic units in the field. In 1983, the Institute of history of Nanjing University established the Research Office of the Republic of China history, and made use of the special geopolitical and archival data advantages to promote academic research. Research Director Zhang Xianwen editor of the "Republic of China" published in 1985, has aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. In order to further promote the development of the history of the Republic of China and strengthen academic exchanges, the center for the study of the history of the Republic of China on the Republic of China ("the center for the history of the Republic of China") was established in June 18, 1993 under the initiative of the former deputy director of the study room of the central party history and Li Xin, a famous historian of the history of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "the Republic History Center"). In September 2000, the history center of the Republic of China was awarded the first batch of key research bases of humanities by the Ministry of education. In the past more than 20 years, the history center of the Republic of China has made great achievements in academic research, communication and talent training, and has become an academic research base which has extensive influence at home and abroad.
       Since its establishment, the history center of the Republic of China has an independent and efficient organizational structure. The center has a director, who has always been the leader of the history of the Republic of China. It has a number of deputy directors and assistant directors, and has been responsible for the daily operation of the center. On the hardware side, the center has an independent teaching and research room, conference room, information room and other activities space, and each center teacher is equipped with a separate office and corresponding hardware facilities. In teaching, the center has carried out extensive cooperation with the History College of Nanjing University, and has opened a number of related issues for the South University undergraduate and graduate students. In the course of the modern history of China, the course of the history of modern history has been invited to open a lecture, and the central faculty has also actively moved to other universities, scientific research institutions, and even the primary and secondary school classes. The people made their lives and made great achievements in the study of the history of the Republic of China, especially in the history of the Republic of China. The center has many research directions, such as modern political history, economic history, social history, cultural history, regional history, metrology history and so on. It has both the inheritance of traditional history and the exploration of the field of new history.
           Since the beginning of the new century, the center has achieved brilliant academic achievements. Such as ten years of grinding sword, the highly anticipated "Nanjing massacre collection of historical materials" was published by Jiangsu people's Publishing House in 2005-2010. The 72 volumes of historical materials, totaling about 4000 words, have strongly refuted the historical facts of the "Nanjing massacre fiction theory" put forward by Japanese right-wing scholars. In this regard, the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of defense also have to admit, "according to the current documents and other comprehensive judgments", "no denial of the Japanese troops entering Nanjing, the killing or plundering of the non combatants in the city"; in April 2015, the honorary senior professor of the Nanjing University, the China history research center of the Republic of China Mr. Zhang Xianwen, director of the president of Taipei and Mr. Zhang Yufa, the academician of Taipei Institute of academia, organized the publication of the eighteen volume of the "history of the Republic of China" by the 70 famous scholars of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, which was jointly created by the 70 famous scholars of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. In the same year, the history center of the Republic of China also launched the "Japanese invading Chinese map", which was made by the Shandong pictorial press. Publication. The main journal of the Republic of China, the Republic of China, has been published for more than 20 years. With the attention and support of experts and scholars of the history of the Republic of China, it has produced a good social and academic effect, and has been named as a collection of CSSCI sources for the year.

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